The Ice-Age UFO in Estonia

The Ice-Age UFO in Estonia

There may be an extraterrestrial object buried in someones backyard since the ice-age. This piece of news has apparently not been translated into English because Im having to piece this together from other-language-sources.

The exact address of that metallic object buried deep beneath the ground would be:

Hobekuuse 34
Tallinn, Estonia

The story goes that in 1984 workers were trying to excavate a well. After digging down 25 feet they struck upon an object so solid that their drill broke off. With a super-hard saw they eventually managed to break off a piece of the metal to take it to laboratories for examination.

The object was sent for testing to the Engineering University in Moscow, the Russian Institute of Aviation and the Estonian Academy of Sciences. It turned out that the object consisted of Iron, Titanium and a number of other materials and was resistant against extreme heat and acids. At different times and independently of each other, the researchers of these Institutions concluded that the piece of metal comes from an artificial object.
The Ice-Age UFO in Estonia
Geophysical research on site had a minerologists and geologists conclude that there is an object of 20 meters (60 feet) circumference beneath the ground.
The center of the Object was estimated to be 3-4 meters (11 feet) thick with lessening degrees of thickness to the sides. Supposedly magnetic anomalies have also been measured in the vicinity of the object.

Because the geological consistency of the earth above the object is Morainal, researches conclude that the Object was buried there more than 10 000 years ago.
Moraine is carried by glaciers.

Apparenty neighbours and witnesses living in the area have seen the Russian Military enter the property and take an interest in it.

Some of the names involved:

Virgo Mitt, the owner of the property died of a stroke shortly after the find became known.

Ernest Parve, the first scientist to transport a sample of the object died of unknown causes a few days after handling the sample.

Herbert Viiding, the first scientist to conclude that the object is artificial.

Enn Vels, one of the authors/researchers of the Phenomenon.

Igor Volke, another researcher/UFOlogist researching the Phenomenon.

Marina Popovic, UFOlogist/former military pilot who also researched and published about the object.

Nikolai Setchevanov, W. Kaptchaukas – two scientists involved in researching the object and the area.

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