Unexplained Megalithic Monuments of Central America
Unexplained Megalithic Monuments of Central America

Most people do not realize that there is an ancient unknown history of our world, a story left untold because of a devastating event which completely obliterated the surface of our planet around 10,000 years ago. This event is know as the Younger-Dryas and scientists now think it was a direct hit from an asteroid or planetary body.

The civilizations who inhabited our planet during this time, appear, from the megalithic evidence, to have been technologically advance and powered tool, machines and a variety of craft. As we understand how the ancients applied their science and technology – we must look anew at the monuments, sculptures and artifacts that are left to us.
These photo are of a craft of some kind which is memorialized in stone. We can only see a portion of the top, as 3/4 is still buried.

SOURCE : Archaeology & Prehistoric & Ancient Wonders

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